Self-Publish with the Book Boutique!
Have you ever wanted to self-publish, but had no clue where to start?  How about the desire to get your book into the marketplace AND keep your royalties?  Here is your chance!  Go from PROOF to PROFIT with the Ladypreneur Agency's Book Boutique!
Provide Your Draft
Schedule a consultation to discuss the vision of your book with our experts
Let Us Package
We provide services such as proofreading, editing, sizing/formatting, internal and cover design, and marketing
Keep Your Royalties
We'll provide guidance on digital platforms for you to publish, print or sell your OWN book

Gina Thompson says:

Self-publishing my first book was a breeze, thanks to the Book Boutique!  I had good content, but with the help of this agency, I was able to create a quality product, and pocket the profit!

Erika Gill says:

I constantly refer Juanika and the Book Boutique.  Unfortunately, people give away their earnings for lack of knowledge on the process.  Never again!  Let the Book Boutique allow you to keep your profits where they belong!
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