Ladypreneur® Code - Rules of Engagement for Women in Business
Have you ever questioned the secrets of successful men and women in business?  Time should be the only separation between you and them.  The truth is that with time comes experience, and there are a set of unwritten rules that every woman with a desire for business success should learn.  Unwritten...until now!
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Meet the Author

Juanika Dildy, MBA, is a certified Business Analyst and Project Management Professional (PMP) with a passion for women in business.  As founder of Ladypreneur Academy LLC, she offers workshops, keynotes, and consultation from the experience of a 10+ year corporate career, the excitement of 7+ years in network marketing, and innovation from 3+ years in consulting.  Join Juanika as together we unlock the Ladypreneur Code - Rules of Engagement for Women in Business.

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